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Joshi Caterers is the Top  Best Caterers In  Hubli with Price & Reviews which offers wide range of outdoor catering at a reasonable price. We are an certified corporate caterers and event planning company working , completing so many years in the food industry.

We are known as best catering service in Hubli . We have earned a loyal customers with our dedication and commitment to quality tasty and better price, And from that continues to grow based on the warm referrals. We only grasp the best ingredients, prepare them very carefully from scratch.
We focus on freshness and the flavor first, combining with our base ingredients in ways that reflect our own way of making good food. No matter what your needs might be, we are happy to accommodate with our best vegetarian menu.
From the inital stage, we have cultivated a very good relation with farmers and producers who share our way of thinking and doing things. We believe that food should be respectful, that is why we only want the best for ourselves and deliver the same to the customers.We provide perfect services for weddings, corporate events, birthday parties, private parties, cocktail parties, etc. We are innovative in our company making best hygienic food with a smart working crew, and trusted by many leading corporate companies as well as 500+ clients all over. 

Quality Catering

For us, quality is a key asset distinguishing us from the rest. At every level in the food cycle, the quality check is done and maintained to the highest standards. We source local and sustainable quality products to enhance the well being of our customers.

Fresh Food

Our menu compliments the style of event from intimate dinner to a grand banquet, from Boardroom lunch to Product Launches, Our menus are tailored to suit your requirement. We use seasonal and organic ingredients wherever possible.

Exceptional Service

Joshi Caterers is the best choice for clients looking for seamless events with great food and drinks, So if you are looking for Wedding catering service or Corporate Catering Services or simply small party catering, we offer you a flawless service to suit any style of event.

Our Best Services

Wedding Catering Services

A Wedding is one of the most memorable days for your family and we are aware that a wedding and tasty food with hygienic service goes together. We make occasions memorable by serving our delicious food to compliment your lovable events. At Joshi Caterers, we make sure that the flavor of your Wedding lingers on long after the celebrations.

Occasion & House Warmings

Family gatherings can be hard to plan. The reason may be Birthdays, Festivals, Pooja or just another reunion of extended families. Though, we know the consequence of such events and the significance of the food being served. A cake is not the most important part of your Birthday party. We will make sure that the food we serve will help you create some more good memories with your family.

Corporate Events

Corporate Event is highly important for you & your company and we keep the critical details in mind to make sure it’s not just another declassify affair.
Be it a conference, company meeting, award function, product launch, trade festival or exhibition, we at Joshi Caterers serve the right kind of food by keeping your guest profile in mind  for any corporate meetings and events!

Engagement Catering Services

Congratulations on your engagement! Joshi Caterers offers a wide range of options to tailor your function. We create with you a menu that not only is of the finest quality, we ensure there is of quantity for everyone. No matter where you choose to hold your engagement, we take the hassle out of catering and are very self-sufficient. Our staff are the friendliest and thrive at providing Service.

Private Party / Theme Party

We offer comprehensive catering services for private parties / theme parties throughout twin cities, whether your event is a small intimate gathering or a lavish upscale party, our menu is guaranteed to be the talk of the party.

We Undertake


  • Wedding
  • Engagements
  • Formal Dinners
  • Anniversaries
  • Birthday Party
  • Theme Parties
  • Box Lunches
  • Private Parties
  • Outdoor Catering
  • Corporate Parties

Our  Menu

Milk Itmes

1. Honey Dew
2. Ras malai
3. Ras gulla
4. Raj bhog
5. Angur rabdi
6. Champakali
7. Cham cham
8. Cream sandwitch
9. Cream cham cham
10. Cream angur
11. Dhood malai
12. Malai cham cham
13. Kheer
14. Kunda
15. Shrikhandh
16. Amrakhand
17. Basundi
18. Matka Kulfi
19. Madhur Milan

From Khowa

Gulab jamun
2. Kala jamun
3. Barfi
4. Barfi 2d
5. Mango barfi
6. Chocolate barfi
7. Orange barfi
8. Pineapple barfi
9. Bornveta barfi
10. Moti pak
11. Kalakand

From Flour

1. Jilebi
2. Jilebi ghee
3. Jilebi dollar
4. Jilebi rabdi
5. Mysore pak
6. Ghee mysore pak
7. Soan papadi
8. Chocolate soan papadi
9. Orange soan papadi
10. Pineapple soan papadi
11. Mango soan papadi
12. Motichur ladu
13. Boonde ladu
14. Besan ladu
15. Besan barfi
16. Raghu das ladu
17. Balusha
18. Ras balusha
19. Badam puri
20. Dhood badam puri
21. Chiroti (dry & wet)
22. Dhood chiroti
23. Suttar pene
24. Mohan ladu
25. Bombay halwa
26. Brade halwar


1. Kesari bhaat
2. Rawa kesari bhaat
3. Pineapple bhaat
4. Sweet pongal
5. Coconut sweet rice
6. Apple rice

From Grain

1. Jahangir
2. Moongdal Halwa
3. Chanadal Halwa

 from Dry Fuit

1. Kaju khatli
2. Kaju kasata
3. Kaju roll
4. Kaju pan
5. Kaju ladu
6. Pista khatli
7. Pista roll
8. Anjur barfi
9. Badam khatli
10. Badam roll
11. Mix dry fruit barfi
12. Dry fruit matki
13. Antin undi
14. Kardant

 from Vegetables

1. Carret halwa
2. Damroot halwa
3. Sorekai halwa
4. Amrut cake
5. Jak fruit halwa
6. Chikku fuding
7. Pan peta


1. Dal fry
2. Dal kholhapuri
3. Dal tadka
4. Dal plain
5. Dal makkhni
6. Dal paalak


1. Kadalebele holige
2. Hesaru bele holige
3. Togarebele holige
4. Khowa holige
5. Rawa holige
6. Halasina holige
7. Putani holige
8. Shenga holige
9. Hurakki holige
10. Godambi holige
11. Sakkare holige
12. Khajjur holige
13. Peda holige
14. Khobri holige
15. Genasina holige
16. Mandige


1. Shavige payasa
2. Sabudani payasa
3. Rawa payasa
4. Godhi payasa
5. Hesaru bele payasa
6. Kadli bele payasa
7. Appe payasa
8. Sorekai payasa
9. Halasin payasa
10. Boonde payasa
11. Akki payasa
12. Gasgase payasa
13. Avalakki payasa


Veg pulav
2. Paneer pulav
3. Piece pulav
4. Ghee rice
5. Jeera rice
6. Fried rice
7. Paneer fried rice
8. Onion chlli fried rice
9. Veg biryani
10. Dal khichadi
11. Paalak rice
12. Mente rice
13. Tometo rice
14. Pudina rice
15. Tawa pulav
16. Wangi bath
17. Kashmir pulav
18. Navaratna pulav
19. shejwan fried rice
20. Triple fried rice
21. Paneer fried rice
22. Paneer biryani
23. Shahi biryani
24. Hydrabadi veg biryani
25. Coconut rice
26. Pongal
27. Puliyogare
28. Lemon rice
29. Curd rice


1. Tandoori roti
2. Culcha
3. Nan
4. Butter-nan
5. Aalu parota
6. Paalak parota
7. Mente parota
8. Biscut roti
9. Rumal roti
10. Batora
11. Masala roti
12. Achari roti
13. Puri
14. Chapati
15. Jawar roti
16. Kerala Parota
17. Lachcha Parota
18. Coriander Parota
19. Pudina Parota


1. Pav bhaji
2. Pani puri
3. Sev puri
4. Batata puri
5. Dhai puri
6. Petis
7. Kachori /Samasa
8. Dahi Vada


1. Idli
2. Vada
3. Shavige Idli
4. Stuffed Idli
5. Rava Idli
6. Dosa
7. Masala Dosa
8. Set Dosa
9. Palak Dosa
10. Benne Dosa
11. Rava Dosa
12. Raagi Dosa
13. Puri
14. Buns
15. Uppittu
16. Masala Uppittu
17. Tomota Omlet
18. Shavige Uppittu
19. Avalakki Bele Bhaat
20. Avalakk


1. Tomato raita
2. Kakdi raita
3. Pineapple raita
4. Mix raita
5. Boondi raita
6. Green salad
7. Tomato salad
8. Sweet corn salad
9. Moong salad
10. Dalimbar salad
11. Mix salad


1. Onion Pakoda
2. Chilly Pakoda
3. Cut Chilly Pakoda
4. Palak Pakoda
5. Aalu Pakoda
6. Gobi Pakoda
7. Paneer Pakoda
8. Baby Corn Pakoda
9. Capsicum Pakoda
10. Cabbage Pakoda
11. Baigan Pakoda
12. Onion Gol Pakoda
13. Mysore Bhaji
14. Sabudana Vada
15. Masala Vada
16. Dal Vada
17. Mix Pakoda


1. Gobi manchuri
2. Paneer manchuri
3. Baby corn manchuri
4. Mashrum manchuri
5. Finger chips
6. Gobi 65
7. Paneer 65
8. Baby corn 65
9. Hara bhara kabab
10. Veg barbequ
11. Paneer barbeque
12. Paneer tikka ( dry
13. Alu tikka
14. Noodles


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